#ZWC 2015 – Andrew Telfer, Tackling Food Waste at Retail Giant Walmart

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.20.27 PMWith its global presence, Walmart has influence. When companies of this size leverage their market power in support of zero waste, you can be sure it has an impact. When it comes to adopting a circular economy approach, what can we learn from one of the biggest retailers in the world? Andrew Telfer, Walmart Canada’s Manager of Sustainability joins the 2015 Zero Waste Conference as a panellist for our morning SPARK session: Inglorious Food: Squeezing Waste Out of Food Supply. Find out how Walmart is addressing food waste through initiatives such as support for uniform date labelling, food donation programs, and sustainable agricultural practices. The insights will be of value to any business, regardless of size.

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