Winning the Pivot – How Circular Transformations Succeed

2018 Zero Waste Conference Promo from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.   The shift to a circular economy is a reality for organizations of any size. But who has it easier? Big brands or small innovators? Both sides say the grass is greener.

“The big companies say they wish they had the flexibility to quickly alter course,” says ZWC business model transformation session moderator Denise Taschereau. “But the little ones dream of having the resources of a larger operation.”

IKEA will be sharing their vision for business transformation at the 2018 Zero Waste conference

Large and Small Companies Going Circular

Sweeping changes are coming to the marketplace. Circular principles bring challenges to traditional business practices, rewards for successful innovators, and a fundamental shift in the way we use the goods and services that drive our global economy. We will hear some diverse perspectives on this topic during the Business Model Transformation session in the afternoon of Day One of the 2018 Zero Waste Conference. At one end of the spectrum, our panelists offer the viewpoints of major brands and institutions embarking on circular economy changes.

Local Profiles Highlight Innovators

Smaller in size, but not lacking for ambition, our Local Profile participants are Metro Vancouver-based businesses growing fast as they leverage the benefits of being early adopters. Felix Bock will tell the story of his company’s fast rise through the recycling of hundreds of thousands of disposable chopsticks. Tying it all together, our moderator Denise Taschereau, brings her own unique understanding of the pivot process. With her experience guiding the sustainability practices of Canadian outdoor brand MEC , alongside her current work as CEO and co-founder of Fairware, reshaping corporate promotions with eco-friendly innovations, Denise brings invaluable insights to her role as a moderator. Moderator: Denise Taschereau, CEO & Co-Founder, Fairware Exploring the factors bringing the biggest impacts, examining the trends still gaining momentum, and understanding the most effective ways to prosper in these exciting times – the speakers and panelists in our Business Model Transformation session will bring their creativity, experience, and vision to share with 2018 Zero Waste conference attendees. We hope that you will join us.  This is sure to be a fascinating discussion for anyone hoping to pivot in sync with the arc of the circular economy, as it encompasses more and more of our daily lives. Register today:

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