Is Your Industry Talking About the Circular Economy?

The 2018 Zero Waste Conference is the place to get answers

Circular Economy Questions? Dr Leyla Acaroglu will have interesting answers at #ZWC18

A Growing Trend with Huge Implications

It’s more than a business buzzword. The circular economy is very real, endorsed by governments, embraced by industry, and delivering new hope for green prosperity across the globe. Chances are people in your industry are talking about it and hoping to learn about it. On Nov 8 – 9, they can get the perspective they need in Vancouver, BC.

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Zero Waste Conference Brings Circular Economy Leaders to Vancouver

The 2018 Zero Waste Conference promises to build on past successes – offering inspirational keynotes, practical discussions, real-world solutions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The principles of the circular economy are quickly becoming mainstream thinking. Organizations must understand and be able to respond. Are you ready for the coming revolution in materials, design, culture, and business? Read on to learn why #ZWC18 can give you the tools to say ‘Yes’.

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Winning the Pivot – How Circular Transformations Succeed

2018 Zero Waste Conference Promo from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.   The shift to a circular economy is a reality for organizations of any size. But who has it easier? Big brands or small innovators? Both sides say the grass is greener. Continue reading

Are You a Plastic Innovator?

Innovation Showcase to Highlight Made-in-Canada Solutions

Plastic pollution. News about the state of marine environments has made the need for solutions even more urgent. Fortunately, great ideas are emerging from a number of sources, including science labs, start-ups, and policy groups. Recognizing the  power of innovation,  Canada’s National Zero Waste Council  and Think Beyond PlasticTM are collaborating on the Canadian Innovation Showcase, featuring Canadian solutions to reducing plastics pollution.

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Closing The Loop Filmmaker Dr Wayne Visser Confirmed for #ZWC18

When it comes to the circular economy, not many people can match Dr Wayne Visser’s bona fides. His work examining and explaining sustainability topics encompasses over 150 clients, chairs and fellowships with renowned universities, countless speaking engagements, and 28 books on business, leadership, and sustainable enterprise. Now Dr Visser will be adding the Zero Waste Conference to his list of appearances – hot on the heels of the release of his documentary film Closing the Loop.

CSR and the Power to Transform

Visser is the Chair in Sustainable Transformation and Professor of Integrated Value at Antwerp Management School and also a Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. His primary focus is examining the effectiveness of ‘CSR’ (Corporate Social Responsibility) and encouraging the transformative thinking required to make sustainability best practices an integral part of the business landscape.

In an interview with Sustainable Brands, Visser says the time is ripe for that transformation.

“After years spent working on sustainability, I am convinced that we are on the cusp of a major revolution – nothing short of the next industrial revolution. The time for fear-mongering and demonising companies has past. Now is the time for innovative solutions and positive action. This is nowhere more true than in the do-or-die challenge of creating a circular economy.”

Closing the Loop trailer here

Big Ideas to Tackle Big Issues

Visser minces no words when it comes to the need to embrace circular economy, noting in his film that, “Unless we go to circular, it’s game over for the planet.”

A sobering thought. But Visser brings solutions as well. His books and lectures offer solutions to the challenges of pollution, resource depletion, and waste – giving his audiences not only hope, but a blueprint for the greener future he believes is possible. If you want to be effective in your sustainability efforts, see the potential for success with zero waste principles, and believe purpose-driven businesses can change our world, Visser’s presentation at #ZWC18 will deliver concrete steps and crucial ideas you can use to succeed in the circular economy.

Register Today for #ZWC18

Register for the 2018 Zero Waste Conference today to hear Dr Wayne Visser and a host of panellists and speakers share their expertise and guidance. Never been to a Zero Waste Conference? Here’s a look at our 2017 conference, which returning attendees were calling, ‘the best yet.’


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Designer and Disruptor — Dr Leyla Acaroglu Confirmed for #ZWC18

It’s been seen well over a million times. Dr Leyla Acaroglu’s TED Talk Paper Beats Plastic – How to Rethink Environmental Folklore is clearly touching a nerve. What insights will this designer, disruptor, social scientist, and entrepreneur bring to the 2018 Zero Waste Conference? You’ll have to attend to find out… but here’s a taste of what to expect.

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Think Beyond Plastic Founder Daniella Russo Confirmed for #ZWC18

Zero waste innovation is Daniella Russo’s approach to tackling plastic pollution. She believes we can reshape the way we use plastic and entrepreneurs can be a driving force in that change. She’ll be sharing her expertise, as one of the featured speakers at the 2018 Zero Waste Conference, Nov. 8-9 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

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Register Now for the 2018 Zero Waste Conference

2018 Zero Waste Conference Promo from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

A global change is underway. The circular economy is accelerating. Bringing new ways of doing business. Bold visions of systems change. Compelling arguments for a global transformation. Is your organization ready? The 2018 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference can help you find the right path forward.

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Circular Economy Pioneer Arthur Huang Confirmed for #ZWC18

Making stuff from trash and making a difference best describes Arthur Huang‘s career path. The Taiwan-born, Cornell-trained architect is a trailblazer for closed-loop economics, upcycling, and design solutions aimed at accelerating the shift to a circular economy. To aid in these ambitions he formed the pioneering upcycling company Miniwiz – which now operates in Taiwan, Shanghai, Berlin, and Milan. We are pleased to announce Huang will be a featured speaker at this year’s event, Nov. 8-9 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

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