National Zero Waste Council Webinar Demystifies Compostable Products

Design for Compostability: Success Stories within the Value Chain

Product designers seeking to close the loop on waste often look in the direction of compostability. But some innovations inadvertently create products and packaging which won’t degrade in existing large scale compost facilities. This can be due to design, composting technology, or processing conditions. So, what does effective design for compostability and facility acceptance look like? A webinar hosted by the National Zero Waste Council and moderated by Alan Blake, Co-Lead, National Zero Waste Council Product Design & Packaging Working Group, featured an expert panel offering valuable insights from their experiences in their daily operations.

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#ZWC2015 – Create Memories Not Garbage

One of the big 9 themes emerging from the 2015 Zero Waste Conference was the call to: ‘bring our waste back into sight and mind; so more people can take part in the solution.’ Metro Vancouver’s Create Memories Not Garbage campaign delivers memorable, visible solutions with a seasonal angle. The innovative communications message gives people a solutions-based approach, so they can rethink waste, reimagine holiday traditions, and find fresh, playful ways to create memories not garbage.

Create Memories Not Garbage

Christmas 2015-Bike

Christmas 2015 Create Memories, Not Garbage campaign “Bike”

You could paint and spruce up a friend’s or sibling’s bike for Christmas, treat someone to a performance, and hold secret Santa charity exchanges at work. These are some of the great ideas provided in this year’s Metro Vancouver Create Memories, Not Garbage holiday campaign that runs until December 24.

For the eighth year, Metro Vancouver is encouraging people to invest in creating memories this holiday season.

Malcolm Brodie“With a festive and fun campaign, Metro Vancouver is again providing great ideas for us all to be green angels and to give experiences and purchase quality gifts that will last,” said Malcolm Brodie, Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee.

“Not only can the gift of time be the greatest gift of all, this type of holiday giving is another way for us to reduce the amount of garbage we create in our region,” he added.


Christmas 2015 Create Memories, Not Garbage campaign

Christmas 2015-Leftovers

Christmas 2015 Create Memories, Not Garbage campaign “Leftovers”

Gifts like child minding or dog walking, festively wrapping up leftovers for your holiday dinner guests or buying a great gift for the whole family are meaningful ways to show how much you care. This waste-reduction campaign will run from now through December with advertising on bus exteriors, bus shelters, and at public transit facilities, in social media, online, and on TV.”

Greg Moore - Board ChairOur annual Create Memories, Not Garbage campaign is one of many ways the regional district, its member municipalities, and partners demonstrate our commitment to generating less garbage and increasing recycling as much as we possibly can,” said Board Chair Greg Moore.

Many Green Gift Ideas are posted on Metro Vancouver’s Create Memories, not Garbage website. There are also Create Memories, Not Garbage and Christmas at the Landfill videos. Residents are also encouraged to share their green gift ideas and tips for creating memories using #GreenAngel on Metro Vancouver’s social media channels:



Metro Vancouver

National Zero Waste Council

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Wishing you a Memorable Christmas and Zero Waste New Year!



#ZWC 2015 – 2015 Conference Delivers Insights into a Future Without Waste


Chris Diplock of Ponder Research addresses the audience during a panel on the sharing economy

Global Expertise Delivers Optimistic Plan for Zero Waste World

An enthusiastic audience of more than 500 delegates gathered at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre for Metro Vancouver’s 5th annual Zero Waste Conference held on Thursday, Oct 29th, 2015.  Presenters from around the globe delivered key insights into zero waste principles and the circular economy – offering a promising vision for the economy and environment.

For the first time, a satellite conference was hosted in Toronto, by the city of Toronto’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy, held in conjunction with the Metro Vancouver event. Delegates were able to participate via a two-way livestream of the events. Zero Waste Conference participants included ‘start-ups’, major corporations, and government. The presenters were equally diverse, ranging from big picture visionaries to leading edge entrepreneurs who are already embracing zero waste ambitions.

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Your Social Media Guide to the Metro Vancouver 2015 Zero Waste Conference

Zero Waste ConferenceLooking to share your Zero Waste Conference experience via Twitter? Remember to use the event hashtag #ZWC2015. Want to highlight a conference participant in your social media posts? Here are the Twitter ‘handles’ for the organizations, speakers, and panellists who are a part of this year’s event:

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#ZWC 2015 – A Future Without Waste Approaches. Will You Be Ready?

A future without waste could be the most important business trend of the 21st century, bringing challenges, obstacles, and most importantly… opportunities. But economic success in  the future demands a new approach; new ways of thinking, a solid understanding of revolutionary principles, and a clear view of where we are headed. If your enterprise wants to be a successful player in this new world, registering for Metro Vancouver’s 2015 Zero Waste Conference on Oct. 29th needs to be checked off your to-do list before it’s too late. There’s only one more day to register. Don’t lose this opportunity to gain vital insights, from the people who are leading the way.

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#ZWC2015 – Nature’s Path & Jason Boyce, Breakfast Sustainability Champions

nature's path breakfast

Nature’s Path Foods has been a leader in the organic food sector for over 25 years. With an impressive waste diversion rate of 92% in 2012, Nature’s Path was already a sustainability champion in their industry. But the local, family-owned cereal and granola bar company isn’t stopping there. They hope to achieve 99% waste diversion by the end of 2015 and be climate neutral by 2020.  How are they working toward these ambitious targets?

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#ZWC 2015 – Andrew Telfer, Tackling Food Waste at Retail Giant Walmart

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.20.27 PMWith its global presence, Walmart has influence. When companies of this size leverage their market power in support of zero waste, you can be sure it has an impact. When it comes to adopting a circular economy approach, what can we learn from one of the biggest retailers in the world? Andrew Telfer, Walmart Canada’s Manager of Sustainability joins the 2015 Zero Waste Conference as a panellist for our morning SPARK session: Inglorious Food: Squeezing Waste Out of Food Supply. Find out how Walmart is addressing food waste through initiatives such as support for uniform date labelling, food donation programs, and sustainable agricultural practices. The insights will be of value to any business, regardless of size.

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