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Profitable Collaborations Across An Internet of Things

Free energy. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction wishful thinking. But crowd-sourced green energy harvested from the buildings all around us could hold great promise. It’s at the core of Jeremy Rifkin’s ideas about the Internet of Things – something he considers a natural outgrowth of our increasingly networked world and the need for clean energy.

Rifkin screen shot

In this 30 second clip, Rifkin starkly lays out the energy choices facing Canadians over the next two decades and the long term implications they represent for the country.

Collaborative Trend Disrupts

The interest in sharing economies is also a disruptive force – demanding a rethink of current economic paradigms. Rifkin envisions the reborn ‘Maker’ movement as a herald of a fundamental shift, a move he labels as ‘Monopoly Capitalism vs. Collaborative Commons’. The idea is evolving further, with high-tech magazines like Wired noting the rise of the Fixer movement. In the long term these ideas hold great promise for waste management and new challenges. There’s obvious benefits where there’s waste reduction, but the new unknowns will undoubtedly bring new waste hurdles too.

Rifkin’s views can inspire a host of game-changing ideas for anyone involved in waste reduction and prevention. He will be sharing his latest insights as the keynote speaker at the fourth annual Zero Waste Conference in Vancouver on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. To register for this one day conference  and learn from Rifkin and a host of other speakers carefully chosen for their thought-provoking presentations, please visit our event web page: Zero Waste Conference

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