“Mission Zero” Insights at #ZWC2014

source: Interface

source: Interface

Carpet tile manufacturer Interface first came to wide public attention for its eco-friendly approach to business in the 2003 Canadian film The Corporation. In the documentary, company founder Ray C. Anderson outlined how a personal awakening to the nature of industry and its impact on the environment transformed his approach to running the company. Anderson passed away in 2011, but the leadership position he staked out for Interface remains a key piece of their  ‘Mission Zero™’ approach to sustainable business. The goal of Mission Zero™ is to eliminate any negative impacts Interface has on the environment by the year 2020. The job of Nadine Gudz is to help make that goal a reality.

As Director, Sustainability Strategy, Nadine is responsible for strategically leveraging and expanding Interface’s environment and sustainability leadership position in order to help increase visibility of the company’s Mission Zero™ vision through communication, education and community engagement. At this year’s Zero Waste Conference she will share the insights she has gained in this role and others, along with highlights of  her continuing doctoral research into ways to accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices.

The 2014 Zero Waste Conference (Sept. 16, 2014 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre) promises a wealth of opportunities to build the knowledge and skills required to successfully navigate the challenges of business sustainability. Opportunities are waiting for those who can lead the way towards the new circular economy. Ensure your career (and your organization!) benefit from the wealth of information you’ll discover at this event. Register today: #ZWC2014 home page

Want to learn about the epiphany that compelled Ray C. Anderson to shift his mindset from that of a typical CEO to a visionary leader with a new approach to doing business? Check out this short, but powerful excerpt from The Corporation.

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