The Plastic Bank – Transforming Waste into Wealth


Our oceans have become a dumping ground for plastic waste. Developing nations need economic opportunities with low barriers to entry. David Katz thinks he may have a solution for both issues. 




DavidKatzKatz is one of the founders of The Plastic Bank – a new organization with a mandate to “to lead the movement towards global demand for the use of Social Plastic™ in eco-friendly products.” How do they plan to do it? By making plastic too valuable to throw away. Katz and company intend to create a market for recycled plastic where individuals in developing countries can collect plastic waste before it ends up in the ocean. In return, these ‘micro-recycling entrepreneurs’ can exchange the material they gather in return for health, education, and 3D printing services that can open up additional opportunities.

For the Plastic Bank, having a workforce collecting plastic enables them to gather the necessary volume to make recycling and reuse economically possible and gives them a product (Social Plastic™) that they can market to other companies that require plastic for their products and packaging.

It’s the kind of big idea that can radically change the world – reducing waste, providing opportunity, and changing the way we view the products and packaging we buy and discard. With half the world living in poverty and roughly 13,000-15,000 pieces of plastic dumped into the ocean every day, the Plastic Bank has found a niche with amazing potential. David Katz is the kind of visionary speaker you’ll get a chance to learn from at the 2014 Zero Waste Conference, being held Sept. 16 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

If you want to learn, network, and be inspired by the potential for positive change that can be realized within the Zero Waste philosophy, this event should be in your calendar. To see the complete speaker list and register for the 2014 Zero Waste Conference please visit the #ZWC2014 website.

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