World’s Biggest Toy Maker Tackles Sustainability Piece by Piece

Source: LEGO

Fuelled by the success of its eponymous movie, Lego claimed the title of world’s largest toy manufacturer last week. The company is also an industry leader in renewable energy and zero waste efforts.  But, like most businesses, LEGO still has room for progress when it comes to eco-friendly business practices. It’s a challenge they are tackling head-on, with the help of Zero Waste Conference keynote speaker Tim Brooks.

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Brooks will join moderator Dr. Torah Kachur – host of CBC Radio One’s What a Waste and Dr. Markus Laubscher, Program Manager Circular Economy, Philips Group Sustainability for a wide ranging discussion on the role of pioneers in the new circular economy, the important issues in the marketplace and the realities of consumer expectations, and how can businesses – large and small – embrace this shift? To be a part of this valuable learning experience please visit the 2104 Zero Waste Conference online registration page to reserve your place.

Brooks is The LEGO Group’s Senior Director for Sustainability, responsible for the company’s global sustainability strategy, environmental performance, and the impact of its products. Prior to joining LEGO, Tim worked for the global retailer, Tesco, and led environmental R&D within its property division developing new environmental technologies, processes and systems. He has more than 13 years of experience focusing on sustainable buildings and product manufacturing with particular expertise in combined heat and power and new energy technologies. He started his career with the Building Research Establishment and has worked for international engineering consultancies, architectural practices, the Carbon Trust and also as a policy advisor to the Mayor of London.

Source: LEGO

Now Brooks’ experience is being put to good use at LEGO. In November 2013 the company joined the World Wildlife Federation’s Climate Savers program, announcing a target of a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions directly related to toy production at Lego factories by 2016. The target would remove about 10,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions, according to LEGO.  But only 10% of total CO2 emissions related to Lego products come from Lego factories during production. The other 90% percent — raw material extraction, refining, distribution, end-of-life impacts, are produced elsewhere. If LEGO can reduce its overall CO2 emissions by 10%, the total emissions would be reduced by about 100,000 metric tons.

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