A Big Thank You! #ZWC2014

A big thank you to the over 500 people who participated in Metro Vancouver’s 2014 National Zero Waste Conference!

Audience members heard from and engaged with global business, government and community leaders who are taking waste reduction head on. From how we design to how we manufacture, supply, trade, use and consume products, including the economic landscape in which all this production of goods and packaging takes place, speakers presented best practices, suggestions for strategic collaborations, and more. Audience members provided insightful and thought-provoking questions to panelists.

Presentations, along with the webcast video, will be available on the conference website in the coming days. We will also be capturing all the questions and comments posed by audience members that were not picked up within the panel discussion. For example, one of the questions that received a great deal of audience interest but was not addressed during the panel discussion included a query to Enterra on the Black Soldier Fly – Enterra was anxious to respond to that question and has followed up with the attached information.

Looking Forward

The conference concluded with a question to participants:

What is the most important issue you would like to see continued discussion and engagement on?


Throughout the coming year, we will be identifying and providing learning and engagement opportunities that respond to these areas of interest.

Post-Conference Survey

Please take a few moments to respond to the conference survey. Your feedback is appreciated as we prepare for next years’ conference.

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