ZWC 2014 Textiles in Focus – Making C2C a Must-Have Label in the Fashion World

In some industries, sustainability initiatives deliver long-lasting benefits, because products and production methods can be used over and over again. But the fashion industry is an ever-shifting landscape, as seasons change and styles fall in and out of favour with the consumer. That can bring big challenges to sustainability efforts. When it comes to bringing zero waste and cradle-to-cradle principles to the clothes we wear, a different approach is required.

In this video, Lewis Perkins, Senior VP at the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute delivers an overview of the organization’s Fashion Positive initiative. Created with the specific challenges of the fashion industry in mind, some of the key ideas Perkins outlines in his presentation include:

  • Up-cycling as well as recycling and finding ways to turn textiles back into raw material for new clothes
  • The unique challenges the ‘fast fashion’ trend presents to the cradle to cradle framework
  • Why suppliers are a key piece of the puzzle and how Cradle to Cradle is fostering their buy-in
  • The advantage of a ‘library’ of preferred materials and suppliers to expand the program and scale up
  • Why working with established watchdog groups and existing standards is a path they chose.

Hemlines rise and fall. Lapels, ties, and pant cuffs go from narrow to wide and back again. Fashion is always changing. But this embrace of innovation is something Perkins believes can be leveraged; to convince the industry to cut its future from a greener cloth. And, the design principles utilized in this effort have a broader application than just the fashion industry. Get the full perspective by watching the embedded video and be sure to check back each week, as we profile other speakers and industries. Or, consider subscribing to the blog (top right of page), so you never miss a post.

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