ZWC 2014 – Plastics in Focus Panel

Plastic. It’s an integral part of our modern world. And more and more is recovered and recycled every year, as its impact on the environment and its value as a resource become more widely known.  But, the vast majority still remains in the garbage, or becomes litter in our communities and a toxic health hazard in our waterways. Leading the shift toward greater sustainability in the plastics realm are the three panelists for this wide-ranging discussion regarding plastics and the circular economy.

Moderated by Christina Seidel – Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Alberta, the Plastics in Focus panel features Germain Archambault – President of the Lavergne Group, Toby Reid – CEO of Solegear Bioplastics, and Mike Biddle – founder of MBA Polymers. Their expertise and experience provides valuable insights into the current state of plastics recycling and the future possibilities that are possible when zero waste principles are brought to bear on this ubiquitous material.

Watch the video to hear each of the panelists discuss their company and field questions from the audience on a range of topics including:

  • 2:40 – Developing a more sustainable way to recycle ink cartridges 
  • 7:30 – Using green chemistry to make compostable bioplastics
  • 11:50 – Moving beyond reducing harm to increasing good
  • 16:49 – Making it easy for consumers to participate in plastics recycling
  • 20:40 – Design chain inclusion, from manufacturer to municipality
  • 26:26 – Can recycled and bioplastics compete with virgin materials
  • 34:00 – Corporate responsibility as a driver for reshoring plastics recycling
  • 36:30 – The ‘burning’ question. The argument for recycling over incineration of plastic waste and when it makes sense to choose the waste to fuel option.

The Zero Waste Conference videos are an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to learn about the potential and challenges of doing business in the circular economy. Make sure you don’t miss a post as we look forward to the 2015 edition. Subscribe at the top right corner of the page so you’re up to date as we announce the speakers and topics for this year’s conference.

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