ZWC 2014 – Canada’s National Zero Waste Council on Zero Waste Efforts

Advancing Waste Prevention Nationally, the National Zero Waste Council (NZWC) is a cross-sector leadership initiative bringing together governments, businesses and non-government organizations to advance a waste prevention agenda in Canada. In this video, the co-leads for working groups within the Council speak about their efforts:

 NZWC panel discussionModerated by Malcolm Brodie, Chair, National Zero Waste Council (NZWC),  this panel discussion featured a wide-ranging overview of zero waste efforts in Canada, from communications efforts aimed at consumers, to identifying willing partners in industry, to the economic opportunities available when waste reduction efforts meet with success.


  • 4:50 – David Hocking, Division Manager, Corporate Communications for Metro Vancouver External Relations Dept., and Co-lead of the National Communication Campaigns Working Group speaks about their objective of strengthening awareness across Canada regarding waste reduction at source, the changes needed to achieve that objective, and the methods they are using to promote their message.
  • 10:37 – Shelly Carroll, City Councillor for the City of Toronto and NZWC Food Working Group Co-lead discusses the common waste management issues that can be found across the country and how their group is working to advance national cross-sector initiatives to reduce the waste of food.
  • 16:00 – Brock MacDonald, CEO of the Recycling Council of BC and Co-lead of the NZWC Circular Economy Working Group outlines the systems thinking approach they are utilizing and how they are identifying key organizations eager to adopt circular economy principles.
  • 21:00 – Alan Black, executive director for PAC NEXT and Co-lead for the NZWC Product and Package Design Working Group explains how their efforts are focused on encouraging behaviour change and influencing product design to leverage the $2 billion opportunity available through reducing packaging.
  • 26:50 – Final Q & A, The panel responded to questions from the audience.

3 thoughts on “ZWC 2014 – Canada’s National Zero Waste Council on Zero Waste Efforts

  1. Yes this may be, but only by talking about the problems we’re facing we will be able toc ome up with solutions. We can’t just ignore this global problem and Canada should do its part at solving it. I think zero waste economy is not possible, but you can greatly diminish the end waste produced by recycling and using eco materials.

  2. In my opinion talking about the problems about the national waste preventing is still showing some care, and is better than not talking about that. On the other hand the people will also want to see actions, to see the results of this talking and discussing. The issue with the waste is a global and need to be observed deeply!

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