ZWC 2016 Educates with Innovation, Inspiration, and Marketplace Success

Big Ideas. Groundbreaking innovations. Cutting-edge solutions. Metro Vancouver’s annual Zero Waste Conference has gained a reputation for delivering invaluable perspectives on all three. The one-day conference’s well-deserved reputation for impacting policies and practices is due in large part to its track record of showcasing real world successes in the shift towards the circular economy and a zero waste world. This year’s edition promises to continue that tradition.

Neri Oxman

Morning Keynote Neri Oxman

The 2016 edition of the Zero Waste Conference will be held on Nov. 3 and features an international roster of presenters, in an inspiring day of cross-cutting discussions on preventing waste and advancing toward a circular economy.

The opening keynote is visionary architect and designer Neri Oxman (Associate Professor & founder of MIT’s Mediated Matter research group), discussing how biology and technology can be used to create buildings and products compatible with highly efficient circular systems of the natural world.

Innovations and Inspirations
“It’s become one of the highlights of my calendar,” says Port Coquitlam mayor Greg Moore, who also serves as the chair of the Metro Vancouver board of directors. “It’s a chance to learn from the best and brightest. An opportunity to share successes, highlight challenges, and create solutions.”

More Great Ideas to be Showcased at #ZWC2016
Innovative ideas from renowned thinkers have been the hallmark of the Zero Waste Conference (ZWC) since the first event was held in 2012, with Bridgett Luther, founder of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute as a featured presenter. Some of the other notable speakers from past years have included Dame Ellen MacArthur – founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, author and economist Jeremy Rifkin, food waste activist Tristram Stuart, and designer and sustainability pioneer William McDonough.


Hot Topics and Timely Conversations
This year, a widely anticipated session, Innovation in the Marketplace, features pioneering leaders and thinkers Eben Bayer of Ecovative (world-leading biomaterials firm), John Ortiz of HP (3D-printing leader) Tim Brooks of Lego (sustainable materials pioneer) and Scott Hamlin of Looptworks (closed-loop designer-brand manufacturer).

Sessions on other hot topics, such as Food Waste, Repair and Reuse, and the Built Environment feature Scott Tudor of Canada’s influential food-retailer Sobey’s (Safeway), Tony Shumpert of textile-reuse pioneer Value Village, and Owen Zachariasse of the Netherlands-based innovator in sustainable real-estate management Delta Development Group.

Shumpert sees the 2016 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference as unique learning opportunity for anyone involved in waste reduction.

Tony Shumpert - Value Village

Tony Shumpert – Value Village

Learn from Local and International Successes
“Business and political leaders that come to the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference will see things that are happening all across Canada, ways that both municipalities and businesses are advancing their efforts in waste reduction. One of the best ways to advance your own efforts in waste reduction is to find out what’s going on somewhere else and figure out if it fits for you, and if so, advancing that in your own operation. What people will be surprised about is that there are all sorts of things going on and we can learn from each other to help advance the cause very quickly.”

As Shumpert notes, the ZWC attracts leaders and decision-makers from across Canada, making it an ideal venue for sustainability professionals seeking networking and business development opportunities. The reception at the close of the conference is always a well-attended aspect of the event, providing a perfect way to unwind and connect with the speakers, panelists, and fellow delegates.

Policy Solutions Lab Addresses Large Material Streams

Metro Vancouver Board Chair Greg Moore

Metro Vancouver Chair Greg Moore

Of particular interest to firms with large material streams that are interested in secondary material reuse will be the Policy Solutions Lab on material reuse, co-hosted by Canada’s National Zero Waste Council and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on Nov. 4 (the day after ZWC).

“Above all, we’ll be offering perspectives focused on creating solutions, finding opportunities, and sharing the fruits of innovation and knowledge,” says Chair Moore. “Want to spend time with pessimists complaining that zero waste is just too hard? ZWC 2016 is not the event for you!”

Is your business keen to reduce waste and boost efficiency? Or close loops in production and marketing, tap into whole new markets and exploit opportunities in the fast-emerging circular economy? If so, these two upcoming events are not to be missed. Register for ZWC 2016 at:


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