Seven Key Concepts for Holistic Communities: Sudhir Suri – ZWC 2016

ZWC 2016 The Built Environment_Sudhir Suri from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Every year the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference features compelling keynote speakers, panels, and armchair discussions – sharing their insights regarding zero waste and the circular economy. In this video highlight from the 2016 conference, Sudhir Suri, Senior Architect & Partner at L’OEUF Architects outlines the seven key concepts that inform his thinking on the built environment, connecting human health, creativity, community involvement, and zero waste building practices for a holistic approach to designing communities.

Video Highlights

0:20 The implicit linearity of our systems around waste
1:00 Maximizing the success of the built environment
1:30 Material and Energy Cycling
2:45 Example of recycling/reuse of building materials
3:55 Biological cycling
6:30 Social cycling
7:00 Imaginative cycling
8:00 Aspirational economy

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