ZWC 2017 Textiles Session to Feature Eco Fashion Week Founder Myriam Laroche

Fashion Forward Thinkers is the title for the Textiles session at the 2017 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference. Forward thinking is definitely one of strengths of session moderator Myriam Laroche. After 15 years in the fashion industry in various capacities, Laroche looked ahead and decided to become a champion of sustainability. She is founder and president of Eco Fashion Week.

Textile Industry Ready for Change

“In each person’s life and career, we get to a point where we take a breath, we take a deeper look at who we are and we ask ourselves what we are contributing to the world around us,” notes Laroche on her company Facebook page. For Laroche, that moment of reflection was also the genesis of Eco Fashion Week (EFW) which has grown to include Vancouver, Seattle, and Toronto.

The average North American discards 81lbs of textiles per year, ranking fashion as the second-most polluting industry next only to oil,” says Laroche. “From runway shows, to industry panels, Eco Fashion Week – along with likeminded partners like Value Village – addresses the ethics of the fashion industry while proposing tangible steps towards closing the loop.”

In addition to EFW, Laroche has also provided mentorship for the Forum For Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) and for Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business in Circular Economy. She currently works with brands such as La Maison Simons, Value Village/Savers, and Leverage Lab. Her experience and expertise in fashion and textiles gives her a valuable insider perspective as she guides the discussion with session panellists regarding the complex issues facing the textile industry as it works towards the adoption of zero waste and circular economy principles.

The textiles and clothing industry is ripe for disruption. Innovators such as Myriam Laroche and our other textile session participants are making the change happen. Join us at ZWC 2017 as they draw upon their experience to address critical topics such as:

  • Capturing value while closing material loops
  • The role of design, business model transformation and policy in changing the textile industry
  • greatest opportunities for change and the role can collaboration play
  • The innovations and new solutions are industry embracing to eliminate waste across the value chain
  • The role of governments and the consumer in shifting the dial on textiles

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The shift to zero waste and circular economy principles will have impacts in all aspect of our lives. To succeed in the face of this massive, fast-approaching change, you need to stay informed. Metro Vancouver’s 2017 Zero Waste Conference is the place to get the insights you can use to adapt. This year’s theme is A Circular Economy Within Reach. The conference will be held on November 1, 2017 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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