Who Will You Meet at #ZWC2017?

Zero Waste Conference 2017 Promo from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Inspiring presentations. Informative discussions. Innovative ideas. All great reasons to attend Metro Vancouver’s annual Zero Waste Conference. But there’s another. And you’re part of it.

While the presenters and panellists are a big draw for attendees, a big reason many people return to the conference again and again is the opportunity to make connections with like-minded people. Whether it’s during the coffee breaks during the day, at lunch, or at the networking event that closes the conference, getting know your fellow conference delegates and making valuable connections is part and parcel of this event. But who are those people?

The Advocate
For those who advocate on behalf of waste prevention and circular economy principles, the opportunities to meet and mingle with decision-makers from the worlds of business and government are invaluable. ZWC 2017 is a great place to make connections and share your story. Getting past the gate-keepers for busy people can be a challenge a lot of the time. Here’s your opportunity to get a few minutes to highlight your cause, pitch your solution, or ask questions – to the influential people who can make a real difference by supporting your efforts.

The B-Corp Executive
At every Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference, you’ll find plenty of green entrepreneurs and top executives from companies with circular economy principles as a cornerstone of their business. They are here to learn, find solutions, and share the challenges they face when doing business with a focus on sustainability. Not surprisingly, they are eager to find ways to advance their business, be it through new technologies and business practices, favourable rules and regulations that support waste prevention efforts, or mutually beneficial collaborations. Got a solution? You’ll find a willing audience.

The Public Servant
Whether they are civil servants or politicians, all levels of government are well-represented at the Zero Waste Conference. These attendees want to understand the shifting landscape surrounding the circular economy, so they can formulate good policies and help the public understand political decisions. If the role of government in facilitating the circular economy has an impact on your waste prevention efforts, ZWC 2017 is an ideal place to build valuable connections within the public sector.

Maybe you fit into one of the categories above. Maybe your background is less easy to categorize. It doesn’t matter. ZWC 2017 is a singular opportunity to connect and collaborate across sectors. Because effective waste prevention efforts are invariably a combination of activism, economic opportunity, and public support, advocates, executives, and government officials all have a role to play. What will be your contribution?

Register Today
The shift to circular economy principles will have impacts in all aspect of our lives. To succeed in the face of this massive, fast-approaching change, you need to stay informed.
 Metro Vancouver’s 2017 Zero Waste Conference is the place to get the insights you can use to adapt – from keynote speakers such as scientist and retired NASA astronaut Dr. Cady Coleman, food waste pioneer Tristram Stuart, and all the rest of our industry-leading panelists and presenters. This year’s theme is A Circular Economy Within Reach. The conference will be held on November 1, 2017 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Register Now

Subscribe to this blog (sign up window at right) and stay up to date as we finalize an exciting list of speakers, panels, and presentations.  Metro Vancouver’s 2017 Zero Waste Conference is an event you don’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you!


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