Dr. Cady Coleman Featured on Metro Vancouver’s ‘The Sustainable Region’

Her experience as a scientist and NASA astronaut gave Dr. Cady Coleman an orbital perspective. Now she sees our blue planet’s possibilities with a unique and hopeful viewpoint. Sharing her insights and vision for a world where people work together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, Coleman had a positive message for the audience at the 2017 edition of Metro Vancouver’s annual Zero Waste Conference.​

Coleman’s speech received positive comments and enthusiastic feedback from conference attendees. Her presentation, at times funny and inspiring, was accompanied by breathtaking images shot while aboard the International Space Station, set the tone for the rest of the conference. Solutions-based, optimistic, yet cognizant of the very real challenges our world faces with regard to pollution and waste, her opening keynote presentation is a fascinating look into life aboard the International Space Station and how it can inspire those who see Earth from space to redouble their efforts to protect our fragile planet. To ensure the widest possible audience for her presentation, it has been packaged and broadcast as Episode 9 of Metro Vancouver’s television series The Sustainable Region.

The Sustainable Region Episode 09 2017 – Zero Waste Conference 2017 – Cady Coleman Keynote Address from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Our 2017 conference theme was ‘a circular economy within reach’.  Planning is already underway for an expanded 2018 edition, featuring a day and a half of inspiring speakers and the latest information about zero waste and the circular economy!

Be a part of the community driving this change – in Canada and around the globe. Join us Nov. 8 and 9, 2018  at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre for the 8th annual Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference.

Want to see why ZWC 2017 is getting rave reviews from attendees? You can watch all the videos from this year’s conference, now available online – including keynote speakers, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions at: http://www.zwc.ca/sessions/Pages/default.aspx


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