Register Now for the 2018 Zero Waste Conference

Zero Waste Conference 2017 Short Overview from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

A global change is underway. The circular economy is accelerating. Bringing new ways of doing business. Bold visions of systems change. Compelling arguments for a global transformation. Is your organization ready? The 2018 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference can help you find the right path forward.

#ZWC18 delivers essential insights

On Nov 8 – 9 join us at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, as thought leaders from around the world highlight the successes, pitfalls, and opportunities they see – as the shift to a circular economy gains momentum. You’ll learn how businesses, citizens, and governments can embrace and accelerate their transition to this new model as we explore topics such as:

  • Materials and Design Innovation
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Digital Technologies Enabling Change
  • Mindsets and Culture Change

Zero waste, limitless possibilities

The journey to a circular economy is one that holds great promise. But understanding the complexities of this shift demands a solid grasp of the key concepts informing zero waste thinking. If you want to understand the circular economy and plan for long-term prosperity, resource sufficiency, economic viability, and wellbeing in urban centres, attending the 2018 Zero Waste Conference will help you understand which strategies and tactics are having the biggest impact, and why.

Be inspired, gain new insights, join the conversation

Metro Vancouver’s 2018 Zero Waste Conference will feature a global roster of speakers and panellists from business, government, and NGOs – sharing their expertise and circular economy success stories. You can leverage their experience to amplify your efforts, using the hard-won knowledge they bring to the world of zero waste thinking.

Why waste time and effort searching for answers to key circular economy issues when you can learn from the experts? Registration for the 2018 Zero Waste Conference is now open. Accelerate your journey toward circular economy success. Take advantage of early-bird discounts until July 2nd and register today.

Keynote speaker announced!

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One thought on “Register Now for the 2018 Zero Waste Conference

  1. I always say that knowledge is “power”. Knowing is better than not even though it may be bad or uncomfortable for others. My quick story. I was born in Kenya, Africa. I came to Canada in 1972. My father is a hardworking man and provided very well for me and my family. My parents are retired now. I talk very often with my parents now. A conversation with my dad was very interesting and related to recycling and that is the point here. In Kenya back then they would refurbish dead acid lead batteries and thus not throw them out (Less fortunate countries have to be more innovative with what they have.). Older batteries were not sealed units. Battery cell voltage and specific gravity of the acid solution could be tested. If a dead battery cell was located then it could be replaced by a used cell from another battery. There was no waste and no total recycling. This was refurbished and re-use. Today most acid lead batteries are sealed units and it makes it harder to recondition them, but not impossible. What if I told your readership that 90% of batteries could be brought back to life, not recycled but reconditioned and re-used. Would this make more sense than recycling? You would use technology and it works! I found the knowledge and training for this so that anyone can use it to recondition acid lead batteries, deep cycle acid lead batteries and solid chemical batteries. Save the landfills, save the energy of recycling and save the environment. Go here to find out more.

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