2018 Zero Waste Conference Delivers Inspiring Keynotes and More

We’re just days away from the 8th annual Zero Waste Conference. Registration is filling up and anticipation is mounting for this year’s event, which promises a thought-provoking mix of theory, action, and inspiration. One of the highlights of this year’s event is an amazing line-up of speakers and panelists throughout the day and a half event. Here is a preview of some of the people and ideas you can expect.

Keynote Offers His Vision of a Changing World

“Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than they have in the last 300.”

Opening keynote Gerd Leonhard will deliver the big picture perspective, telling us why he thinks, “Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than they have in the last 300,” and how the massive changes coming from artificial intelligence and automation could change the way we approach materials as well.

Materials and the Circular Economy

Materials continue to be a key piece of the zero waste puzzle. Spark talk presenter Arthur Huang will be sharing his story of creating new materials from garbage, and explaining the inventive approach to waste that earned him the attention of movie icon Jackie Chan and recognition as a National Geographic Explorer.

Game Over or Game On?

“If we don’t go circular, it’s game over for the planet.”

Our opening afternoon keynote has a dire warning.  But, Dr. Wayne Visser believes he also has a game-winning strategy. At the 2018 Zero Waste Conference you can hear this circular economy business expert outline the risks we face and the paths we can take to avoid a waste and climate disaster, if we are willing.

Design and the Stories We Tell

Are you making the right decisions to accelerate the circular economy? Dr Leyla Acaroglu has made it her life’s work to dig deeper into this question. Her observations as the closing keynote on day one of the conference will surprise and inspire you, and you’ll never look at the role of design in the circular economy the same way ever again!

Panel Discussions, Design Showcases, Networking Opportunities

The 2018 Zero Waste Conference is more than just great keynote speakers however. We have a full line-up of informative panel discussions, and great opportunities to network with key players in the circular economy from around the globe. Space is filling up. Register today and join us for a day and a half of circular economy insights and inspiration – Nov. 8 – 9 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. Registration


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