Leadership Successes Highlighted at 2018 Zero Waste Conference

Can the circular economy avert a climate and waste catastrophe? Not without the support of business and government. That’s why we think the keynote discussion Transformational Leadership on the Journey to the Circular Economy on Day One of the Zero Waste Conference will be one of the most talked-about sessions of this year’s event. 

Circular Economy Leaders Share Their Knowledge

Around the world, comprehensive circular economy strategies are driving innovation and change – with much of that innovation fostered by governments and public/private agencies. We convened three key leaders in these efforts, from Finland, Scotland, and the Netherlands, to share their expertise and experience in delivering circular economy leadership.

Finnish Government Embraces Circular Economy with Sitra

Mari Pantsar, Director, Carbon-Neutral Circular Economy, Sitra will explain how three themes drive the work of this independently-funded and managed organization dedicated to delivering a clean, green, and prosperous future to the Finnish people.

Mari Pantsar, Director of Carbon-Neutral Economy at SITRA

She steers the strategy of the carbon-neutral theme and is responsible for ensuring that all activities related to it direct Finland towards a more ecologically sustainable and competitive society.

Successes from Zero Waste Scotland

Scotland is making impressive strides in waste reduction thanks to Zero Waste Scotland.

CEO Ian Gulland will share his team’s successes and explain how they work with government, various business sectors, and individual companies to create the ideal conditions for a transition to the circular economy.

Creating Circular Economy Opportunities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has set a goal of a fully circular economy by 2050. With programs like the Circular Economy Week, vital partnerships are being formed to realize this ambition.

Henk Snoeken, Consul General of the Netherlands in Vancouver will talk about his experience setting up the Holland Circular Hotspot Initiative, and the nation’s far-reaching efforts to embrace a zero waste future.

Get Inspired and Take Action

Now is the time for innovative solutions and positive action. Around the world, comprehensive circular economy strategies are driving innovation and change – and much of that innovation is being led by governments. There is an important role for governments to play – not only as innovators and policy makers but as leaders encouraging change and risk. Learn from these three ground-breaking organizations and discover strategies and tactics to accelerate your journey to a circular economy. Join us Nov. 8 – 9 for the 8th annual Zero Waste Conference. Register Now.

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