One Conference, Four Streams – ZWC 2016 Offers Cross-Disciplinary Insights

Closing the loop in a circular economy leads to a realization. Achieving a future without waste demands we recognize the interconnectedness of our efforts across disciplines. At Metro Vancouver’s 2016 Zero Waste Conference we will be looking at zero waste through the lens of four distinct sessions. This comprehensive approach not only promises ‘something for everyone’ – it also offers delegates a unique opportunity to understand how zero waste principles depend on holistic solutions.

All things are interconnected. It’s more than a trite expression – a hippie-holdover from a paisley past. With the accelerating shift toward a circular economy, it becomes necessary to understand the complete life-cycle of products from design to disposal, the impact of policy shifts in unforeseen areas, and the ways in which new practices can create opportunities in unusual places. But to manage, adapt, and thrive in this new environment, you need to do more than just envision these changes in a theoretical sense. At ZWC 2016 we’ll be exploring the circular economy from four perspectives: Innovation in the Marketplace, Repair and Reuse, The Built Environment, and Food Waste. For attendees, it’s a chance to learn how change and innovation in one area can have dramatic impacts in others – to synthesize the knowledge that’s gained, imagine how these shifts can be utilized, and identify the opportunities they create.

Wearable Art MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

By turning unwanted materials into desirable dresses, the Port Moody Wearable Art Show is a great example of the unusual connections created by embracing the circular economy 

Whether you’re a policy maker concerned about the effects of new rules and regulations, a business owner eager to adapt to a changing marketplace, or an entrepreneur seeking opportunities in yet-to-be-created industries, the benefits of the wide-ranging discussions at the Zero Waste Conference can be found in the perspectives you might not come across during your regular work day.

Join us for a chance to gain insights from unique viewpoints, expand your network with like-minded colleagues from outside your profession, and discover solutions to common challenges faced across the zero waste landscape. Register for the 2016 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference today!

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