Fight Against Food Waste Remains A Priority at 2016 Zero Waste Conference

Addressing food waste has been an important subject at every Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference. This year’s edition will be no different. With efforts to reduce food waste impacting us everywhere from your home kitchen to the global food chain, how can we reclaim the nutritious food we lose, and build resiliency, a stable economy and a healthy environment? Get an informed perspective on the fight against food waste at #ZWC2016.

Toine Timmermans (click image for bio) will present the SPARK talk: Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies

Food waste in Canada accounts for more than $31 billion dollars in lost revenue, almost 200,000 tons of food in landfills, and about 2% of the national greenhouse gas inventory. What’s just as shocking – in comparison to other countries in the developed world, there’s nothing exceptional about those staggering figures. A marketplace fixated on perfect produce, the inexorable rise of convenience foods, and the wasteful practices associated with factory farming all contribute to a world where people go hungry in some places, while perfectly good food goes to waste elsewhere.

How do we change this picture? That will the subject for the afternoon session Food Waste – A Call for National Action, hosted by the National Zero Waste Council. With an international roster of panelists from the food industry, government, and advocacy organizations lending their perspectives, you’ll gain a better understanding of the challenges and potential solutions regarding food waste from a comprehensive range of viewpoints.

Food waste campaigner and 2015 conference speaker Tristram Stuart has this to say on the subject:

“We, the people, do have the power to stop this tragic waste of resources if we regard it as socially unacceptable to waste food on a colossal scale, if we make noise about it, tell corporations about it, tell governments we want to see an end to food waste, we do have the power to bring about that change.”

Equip yourself and your organization with the right tools to help make that change happen, by attending Metro Vancouver’s 2016 Zero Waste Conference #ZWC2016. Register today.

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