Gastronaut Bob Blumer is on a Mission To Waste No Food at #ZWC18

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Bob Blumer would be the first to admit it. His cooking is garbage. Behind this startling claim however, Bob delivers real world tactics for addressing food waste that will have you looking at your green bin in a whole new way. Here’s what you can expect. Blumer – TV chef, ‘gastronaut’, and ambassador for Second Harvest in Toronto will be performing live at the 2018 Zero Waste Conference, demonstrating how leftovers and unused food can become delicious meals with a little imagination and an open mind.

Mixing Imagination and Unused Food

Bob’s entertaining take on food waste is a lighthearted look at a sobering reality.  It remains one of the biggest areas of waste in our society – more than a third of the food produced and distributed in Canada never gets eaten. Following Bob’s performance we’ll explore this issue in depth, with a session devoted to a Food Loss and Waste Strategy for Canada.

National Food Waste Strategy Explained

This year, in conjunction with key stakeholders, the National Zero Waste Council launched A Food Loss and Waste Strategy for Canada – a systems based framework for preventing and reducing food waste, along with a national food waste reduction campaign: Love Food Hate Waste. In this session we’ll see how these private/public collaborations, industry initiatives, and consumer-driven trends are all playing a part in the fight against food waste.
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All Aspects of Circular Economy

Food is just one of the topics we’ll explore at the 2018 Zero Waste Conference. The impact and opportunities of the circular economy with regard to plastics, business and technology, materials and design will all be featured during the day and half conference. You can look at the full program or explore our sessions in more depth at

#ZWC18 Brings Global Thought Leaders

Wondering why people come back to the Zero Waste Conference year after year? Check out the promo video for this year’s event to understand why circular economy thought leaders from around the world will converge on Vancouver this November:

Learn, Share, Network

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