2018 Zero Waste Conference Delivers Inspiring Keynotes and More

We’re just days away from the 8th annual Zero Waste Conference. Registration is filling up and anticipation is mounting for this year’s event, which promises a thought-provoking mix of theory, action, and inspiration. One of the highlights of this year’s event is an amazing line-up of speakers and panelists throughout the day and a half event. Here is a preview of some of the people and ideas you can expect. Continue reading

Fight Against Food Waste Remains A Priority at 2016 Zero Waste Conference

Addressing food waste has been an important subject at every Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference. This year’s edition will be no different. With efforts to reduce food waste impacting us everywhere from your home kitchen to the global food chain, how can we reclaim the nutritious food we lose, and build resiliency, a stable economy and a healthy environment? Get an informed perspective on the fight against food waste at #ZWC2016.

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#ZWC2015 – Iain Gulland and Zero Waste Scotland, Linking Circular Economy and GHG Reduction

By highlighting the economic benefits of a circular economy, Zero Waste Scotland gathered support from government, industry, and the public for their waste reduction efforts. Recently, the organization released a report quantifying the positive impact a circular economy approach could also have on Scotland’s carbon emissions. It shows how the parallel efforts of GHG emission reductions and adoption of a circular economy are mutually supportive. We are pleased to have Zero Waste Scotland’s Chief Executive, Iain Gulland sharing their strategies and successes, as one of #ZWC2015’s panellists for our afternoon session entitled: ‘Eurovision: How Three EU States Enable Circular Economies.’
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